Fatally Fun Cozies Are:

Humorous–don’t we all need more laughter in our lives?

Smart, because you,

my reader, are smart!

Adventurous, sweeping you

away to international locations

and exciting historical events.

Thrilling, packed with action, mystery and surprise.

Heartwarming, as devoted dogs and fascinating felines detect, protect

and guide their human friends to

unmasking the killer.


And the fun all begins when the first body falls

and a curious pet digs up a mystery!






Fourth Friday Friends:

Intimate, lively, engaging stories of animals, those who love them, and how the animal-human bond changes lives.

Coming October 27, 2018: 

Finding New Life at the End of a Leash:

Christy Hoss and Diabetic Alert Dog Aiden

Diabetic alert dog Aiden signals with his ‘bringsel’


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