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Jocko with the ‘teal terror.’

Love at first site on Ambrose’s ‘Gotcha Day!’










I’ll confess right now, I’m a crazy cat (and  dog) lady, even though I only have one of each. Jocko my black Labrador is in training to become a certified therapy dog, following in the pawprints of my late, great Oski who spread love and understanding at nursing homes for many years. Ambrose is a rescue alumnus of the Cathouse on the Kings, one of the largest cat rescues and sanctuaries in the country.

Jocko and Ambrose are my ‘Fur-rensics Team.’ They both serve as real life behavior models for the animal sleuths in my books, ensuring my characters are true to life. They also spur me to research the amazing, frequently under appreciated, and little studied sense abilities and intellectual powers of our animal companions. I don’t have to make up the detective abilities of my animal characters, I only have to uncover and report them!

I’m a life long reader, especially of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Agatha Christie. I’m a life member of the Jane Austen Society of North America [JASNA] and have been a US delegate for The Bronte Society. I love to travel, and I visit the locations I write about, so I can immerse my readers in the taste, smell and feel of the place. I am retired from a career in law enforcement, which gave me training and experience in forensics and investigation, and an appreciation for the amazing, wild, often tragic but equally often bizarrely humorous criminal side of life.

Wrap those things all together and you get my ‘Fatally Fun’ historical pet cozies! My Fur-rensics Team and I hope they will transport you, entertain you, and charm you.


All the best,

Hillari, Jocko and Ambrose


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