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Real Me…

What do you get when you combine a life-long love
of all things Austen and Bronte, with a fascination
with murder mysteries, romances and the campy
old horror films? (I mean, besides a lot of strange
looks and polite but forced smiles at parties?) You
get a writer who creates ‘Fatally Fun’ novels of
romantic suspense!

I’m a reader, first and foremost, just like you. I started reading romance way back in the days of the ‘bodice rippers.’ Remember those? Lots of action, lots of, well, it was called romance but it was mostly sex – make that gynecology – and everyone took themselves veddy, veddy seriously. The ‘heroines’ did a lot of whining, the ‘heroes’ weren’t very nice, and frankly, none of them were really what you would call mentally stable.

Perhaps to quash my own whining, an auntie introduced me to the Stars of Romance: Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. Hard to imagine Elizabeth Darcy whining about anything, and Jane Eyre managed to straighten out even the wife-imprisoning Mr. Rochester.

Another auntie let me stay up late to watch the old horror classics: ‘Dracula,’ ‘Frankenstein,’ ‘Bride of Frankenstein.’ ‘The Crawling Eye’ (just seeing if you were paying attention.) Campy? Sure, but boy, could those guys ‘sell’ a story. And romance? Bela Lugosi’s Count Dracula has got to be the king of the ‘bad boy’ boyfriends. Plus he’s always dressed to take a girl someplace nice. Right?

By the time I was in high school, I was writing my own romances. Some day, if you and I are trapped on a desert island together and you’re really, really bored, I’ll read you some excerpts from what the sixteen-year-old me imagined was ‘grown up romance.’

Now I’m a few decades older and I’ve learned that humor is one of a man’s sexiest features. That loving eyes do more for a woman’s figure than any crazy diet. And that challenges overcome together can build lasting love. (Along with the fortitude to voluntarily kiss someone with morning breath or sandpaper stubble.)
So count on me for heroines who are smart and self-assured, a little eccentric, a little outside the usual mold. The hero? He’s been called ‘eccentric’ a time or two himself. He’s smart and confident, but he’s also mature enough not to have to prove himself right all the time. They’ll need to combine their smarts, courage and humor to survive the danger, solve the mystery and defeat their adversary. And do it all while the sparks fly and their attraction grows…despite the deadly secrets each is hiding…

Factual Me…

Born:Fresno, California

Live:Modesto, California

Family:Husband, Tony
Fur-children, Oski (Labrador), Edward (Feline-American)

Education:BA, English Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Hobbies:Encyclopedic reader (Seriously. I even read encyclopedias and dictionaries); Gardening (not well but enthusiastically); Cooking (ditto); Eating (I do this enthusiastically AND well); Traveling (have all my shots and a passport—I’ll go anywhere); Singing (worship team, choir, car, shower); Pedicures (I’ll go just about anywhere for a good foot massage).

Favorite Authors:The Divine JA, of course, and Charlotte Bronte; Victor Hugo; E.A. Poe; Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz); Anne Perry; Mary Roach; John Ronson; Oliver Sacks; P.D. James.

Favorite Films:Cool Hand Luke; Gone With The Wind; The Full Monty; Forbidden Planet; The Great Escape; It’s a Wonderful Life; Young Frankenstein.

Memberships:Life Member, Jane Austen Society of North America; Charlotte Bronte Society; Romance Writers of America; American Christian Fiction Writers.

Coffee or Tea?You mean, the fifth food group? If I could take my coffee intravenously, I would.

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