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What Would Jane Austen Eat? Lemon Curd!

What’s a girl to do when her generous neighbor gifts her with a sack of homegrown lemons?

She makes Regency-era lemon curd and invites an Austen-loving friend over for tea, that’s what. But was lemon curd known in Jane Austen’s day?

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Regency Depilation: A Prickly Problem

Since yet another of the joys and indignities of aging is a prickly new growth forest of hairs decorating my chin and upper lip, I’ve been looking around for solutions.
Naturally, my research led me back through history to my spiritual home, the Regency Era.
We think of Regency Era beauty as a look of simplicity and naturalness. So were Eleanor Dashwood and Elizabeth Bennet above these petty concerns?

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Happy Anniversary, Lord Byron?

Happy 198th anniversary, Lord and Lady Byron!
Of course, George Gordon, Lord Byron and Anna Isabella Milbanke, Lady Byron are no longer alive and able to enjoy marital bliss.

But did they ever?

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Merry Christmas from the Fatally Fun Team

Edward and Oski have put on their best red bows and posed for this Christmas greeting to you. From our little team here at to you, have a very merry and blessed Christmas.

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‘Bring Us a Figgy’–What?

“Each year I tell my family I’m finally going to make a Figgy Pudding for Christmas. No one seems very enthusiastic.”—C. Williams.

They’re wrong. Here’s why.

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Stirring Up a Regency Christmas Pudding

Hope you enjoyed Stir Up Sunday. Like all good Austen fans, I was weighing, measuring and stirring away all day preparing my Christmas pudding.
What’s that? You missed it?
Well, no worries, you still have time to get your Christmas pudding stirred, baked and fed before Advent begins on December 2.
Still no go? Ah. Allow me to explain.

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Freezing For Fashion

We’re enjoying our first 50-degree day in my corner of California. Nine a.m. found me standing in a windswept expanse of concrete courtyard waiting for an interview subject to arrive.

And freezing my derrière off, as the saying goes.

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