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Brewing up the ‘Natural’ Look

I woke up this morning with sore hair. Maybe my mop was exercising while I was asleep or the arthritis has colonized my hair follicles, but it had better snap out of it. It (the mop) has an appointment today for a cut and foil.

Before you ask, yes my hair is my ‘natural color.’ It just needs a bit of ‘lifting’ to be as natural as it was when I was eight. Thanks to crème bleach in the hands of a genius named Kim, my hair is going to look eight years old until it’s laid across the pillow in my coffin.

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My Personal Ghost Story

Not too long ago, admitting you had a personal ghost story was apt to get you pitying looks or that ‘drinking-her-lunch-again’ gesture behind your back. But ghost stories have gone mainstream, judging by the proliferation of cable reality shows such as ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories,’ ‘My Ghost Story’ and the like.

In honor of October 31, I hereby chime in with my very own, true ghost story.

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