Writings in Process

My Fatally Fun novels of Regency and Victorian Romantic Suspense are looking for publishing homes. I hope to bring them to you soon.

The Pilkington Partnership for Peculiar Problems series

Book One: Lavender Close

Hauntings, hoodlums and house flips in Regency London! While unmasking a murderous medium, Paris Pilkington runs afoul of a traitorous spy ring. Is the compelling Lord Sandridge the answer to her prayers, or her worst nightmare?

Book Two: Rose Cloister

Clairvoyants, Con Artists and Corpses! ‘Old Maid’ Juno Pilkington flees the family firm, straight into the sights of a family of grave-robbing clairvoyants. Will the mysterious Belvedere Haynes really help her end the terror, or will he make her the next stepping-stone in the trail of corpses?

Book Three: Lily Coombe

Aliens, agitators and assassination! Athena Pilkington’s plan to prove she’s not just the accident-prone youngest Pilkington lands her in the middle of an out-of-this-world plot to assassinate the Prince Regent. Can she trust reckless Julian Argyle to help her foil the plotters, not send her to the gallows with them?

Book covers by Hillari Delgado

The Conjurers of Cumbria series:

Book One: The Warlock of Windermere

Wrongfully accused of murder, Isadora Aubrey escapes a colonial prison to track down Dax Quartermain, the ‘Warlock of Windermere.’ Will the famed cult-hunter help her defeat the savage Ophidian Order, or has he joined them in seeking her death?

Book Two: The Traitor of the Taj

Cornelia Sellon escapes an Indian palace with a cursed necklace and the infant heir to the throne. Only Darius Slate, disgraced ‘Traitor of the Taj’ can protect them from the assassins of the Blades of Kali. Unless Darius discovers Cori is not what–and who–she seems, and kills her first.

Book Three: The Beast of Bowness

The last thing Benicia Naismith remembers before the explosion is overhearing a plot of treason and murder. Now she discovers she’s accused of the crime and married to Drake Crewe, the ‘Beast of Bowness.’ Is he really her husband, a government agent, a mad bomber, or all three?

Book covers by Hillari Delgado

Demoiselles of Danger series:

Book One: When in Rome

Meredyth Langton has a shameful secret and a stolen treasure map. Rupert Sinclair is a charming thief with a secret mission. Can these two adventurers survive Napoleon’s killers, a criminal brotherhood’s schemes and their own battle of wits long enough to find Rome’s fabled ‘Captive’s Ransom?’

Book Two: It’s Greek to Me

Sidney Pfister has a few problems: a dead potentate on her doorstep, a treacherous ex-fiancé, an infatuated Lord Byron. But she’s not going to let anything, even falling for double agent Ambrose Applegate, stop her from findinf Greece’s fabulous ‘Golden Athena.’

Book Three: To Perish in Paris

Melaine Nesbitt has defied her titled family to study in Paris under famed chef Antoine Careme. Then a rash of deadly poisonings threatens to end her career–and her life. She needs secret operative Elliot Ackroyd’s help to track the killer and the fabled ‘Parisian Elixir,’ but is she now in league with the killer himself?

Book covers from www.Stockvault.net

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