Speaking Engagements

I’d love to speak to your group about the glamour, mystery and excitement of Regency and Victorian England, all ‘with a Side of Wry,’ of course. Send in the Request Form below and I’ll get in touch with you!

  • Getting to the Bottom of Regency and Victorian Unmentionables
  • Tough as Boiled Boots: The Truth About Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and other ‘Delicate Flowers of Womanhood’
  • Keeping your ‘Lordships,’ ‘Graces’ and ‘Sirs’ Straight: Titles and Etiquette in Regency and Victorian England
  • Horrifying Healthcare and Bestial Beauty: Medicine and Beauty Treatments in History
  • Sherlock’s Dilemma: the Rise of the Detective and Police Science
  • The Ladykillers: Crippen, the Brighton Trunk Murders and a Chap called ‘Jack’
  • ‘Inheritance Powder:’ Arsenic and the Fine Art of Poisoning

Speaking Request Form

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